19: DIY Accessories

OK, relating to my last post which was DIY Home Decors, I tried to make some DIY Accessories from old stuffs of mine and recycled it. So here's how:

1. blank rings 2. Bisazza tiles 3. old keychain
4. old keyboard parts 5. old button
6. old spray paints
7. plastic bottles or cans
8. scissor 9. mighty bond

STEP 1: Spray accessories with desired color or available spray colors.

STEP 2: Use the plastic bottle or can to cut out ring like material. Measure your finger, roll and glue it.
(Note: Since I have limited blank rings I made rings out of plastic bottle.)

Step 3: Add the desired embellishment or material.

Here's the final output! :))

And to complete this project I made a Ring Rack to organize my accessories.

Use old box or tray and old Fabrics.

STEP 1: Cut the Fabric that will fit your box and roll it. Make sure rolls are same in size to look neat when arrange in the box.

STEP 2: Stop rolling until it reaches a thickness that will fit your box, then trim the extra fabric.

STEP 3: Now choose fabric to serve as your outer cover. Wrap around the roll. Fold up the sides and secure with hot glue.

STEP 4: Arrange the rolls and make sure to keep them tight and close together to hold your accessories in between them.

Final Output! :))

P.S. You can also put your earrings in the ring rack. =D