67: My Obsession

I don't know why I really love (obsessed rather. LOL) with the Cooper Mini. Anyone share my obsession?

I love the classic or vintage mini cooper. But I also like the mini cooper S-Roadster and the S-Cabriolet. It's pretty cool.

Mini Cooper S Roadster
Mini Cooper S Cabriolet

Photo Source: google.com

66: 3D Render (Interior Scene)

And as promised, here's my interior render scene. Still a newbie and needs more and more practice but hope you like it. :))

Workflow: SketchUp Pro 8 - Vray 1.49 - Photoshop CS6
Workflow: SketchUp Pro 8 - Vray 1.49 - Photoshop CS6
Workflow: SketchUp Pro 8 - Vray 1.49 - Photoshop CS6

65: Sadyain Panciteria at iba pa (Lutong Lipa)

I was astonished with the design of this little restaurant owned by my uncle. It is located in Puerto Galera town proper in Mindoro Philippines.

The ambiance of the restaurant is so cozy. The old looking furnitures also add beauty in the whole look. My uncle brought the lomi style of lipa batangas in mindoro. And I can say that every mangyans loved lutong lipa.

64: Rainy Beach

Bad weather, bad timing but this can't stop us coz we have to attend my lola's wake. It really scares me that something bad will happen to us due to this bad weather, but in my surprised the sea was so calm. Thank God!

63: Welcome Home

Welcome Home Papa! Happy Kid!

62: Miley Cyrus

Just like seasons, people change. I guess Miley Cyrus is the perfect example. From being disney princess to a more mature artist. Looks also played a big role in her changes from the good, to the bad, to the interesting.

Here are some of her photos. What do you think?

Photos Source: google.com