48: Pastel VS Neon

Can you imagine a world without colors? Of course, we can't. That is how important the role of color is to our lives. Without them our world will be boring and monotonous. Summer is all about colors and lately I have been seeing some neon and pastel numbers around the design and fashion world. Everything is both bright and peachy sweet but also bold, proud and loud screaming everywhere.

Among the beautiful emeralds and mint greens, soft pink and lilac, there's another color scheme taking over stores and runways everywhere! It's neon baby! It's a trend you're definitely going to want to be rocking this summer. Me, I love to stand out in a crowd in short "papansin" haha, but I don't necessarily want to look like the highlighter I use for my textbooks. Neon can be fun and exciting, it involves a playfulness that draws out the dramatic in color and nobody can ignore that bright spark.

On the other part of the spectrum pastel inspires a more relaxing and pleasing mood, it still retains a strong, fashion-forward image. Pastel's creamy assortment of mints, pale pinks, lavenders and tangerines highlight the fun ice cream flavors of summer and the colors of popsicles, macarons and lip balms. 

Our color choice say much about our personality. Yet having a wide choice of combinations can prove to be both fun and exciting. So which one do you like best? Pastel or Neon? Whichever your artistic heart desires as long as you're comfortable and feel beautiful go for it!

Photos Source: google.com & Vintage