54: Our Story

The song was composed of our very owned Renz Villanueva. It was a surprise to the whole gang and supposed to be part of our last presentation as seniors, unfortunately they didn't had the chance to sing this because of some problems happened that night. So we convinced them to sing it in the sidewalk instead.

The song tells our story, The ArkiteksEy Story.

Composer: Renz Villanueva
Music: Ren Ramos
Singers: Ren, Tats, Aeron & Renz
Guitarist: Prudence

53: Interior Architectural details that make all the difference

Creating an architecturally interesting home involves more than just designing the exterior. The interiors must have architectural elements as well that contribute to the overall look of the home. Each space needs something visually pleasing to stand out in the room, yet complement the other design elements that are placed in the space as well.

Your old stuffs that no longer serves any purpose around the house, but we still have trouble getting rid of it can be recycled into interiors of the home that can give your rooms great character.
These beautiful tables are made from slabs of selenite, while the other is made of teak. All of the tables sit on chrome bases that create an interesting visual appearance.
Interior brick is a really awesome and fun architectural element they add character and rustic charm to any interior and can make any rooms looks quite industrial.
Photo Source: Google.com & DigsDigs

52: Creative and functional ways to decorate a small space

Hanging long curtains close to the ceiling will give an illusions of tall windows and larger room.
Mirrors give the illusions of a larger space because it increases the amount of natural light in a room, making it appear larger and brighter. To get the maximum effect, place a mirror opposite the room's largest window to redistribute even more light.
It's vital in a small living space that you keep pieces of furniture to a minimum. "It's a myth that smaller-scale furniture makes a space look larger," says the Dubai-based interior designer Pallavi Dean. "One larger piece is far better than the clutter of several small chairs and stools". For your one main piece avoid large, bulky sofa, instead, try a minimalist furniture like clean L-shaped sofa or an armless three-seater.
Minimizing the number of focal points in the room is also important. If the space is dominated by a sofa or dining table, for instance, avoid introducing additional seating and side tables, and keep wall decoration and finishing touches such as cushions to a minimum.
Double the function in your interior to maximize your space and be functional.
Take advantage of your wall space by hanging floating shelves. You can rotate the decor you put on the shelves to adapt to anything you add to the room.
PhotoSource: Google.com

51: Memories 202

Unexpected gimik.
Unexpected happenings.
Awesome place
Awesome friends
Best memory ever.