58: Japanese Street Fashion

For me japanese street fashion is creative and interesting. It so playful, vibrant and fancy. Japanese have the guts to challenge themselves to mix and match in unconventional ways, express themselves the way they want to be perceived and explore different styles. I think that so awesome. They put a lot of thought into the aesthetic appeal of things. Arts and design are so deeply ingrained into their culture.

Photos Source: Japanese Streets and Tokyo Faces

57: Novelty Architecture

Novelty Architecture is a funny thing. It appeals to those who saw them and create amuse feeling. Most novelty structure are given unusual shapes for purpose such as advertising. Some were erected to pay tribute to an important event, date or place and often serve as a landmark, while other were constructed to fulfill the idiosyncrasies of those who envisioned them.

It usually mimic objects such as characters, animals, people, fruits, vegetables, household objects or simply unusual shapes or constructed of unusual materials.
PHOTO SOURCE: Google.com