14: My Loving Father

Super Super Super lucky namin! Waaahhh we have such GREAT and LOVING PARENTS! Not because we have these ha but because super BAIT and LOVING talaga nila. Hardworking, to support everything we need and they don't spoiled us, just enough to make us happy. That's why we, my siblings still know how to appreciate and give importance in the things we have. :)) And bilang REWARD in our good deeds and good school performance kunno haha PAPA gave these new gadgets to us. hehe.


13: Summer Workshop + Summer Bonding

It's a nice thought that everyone cares with each other, willing to share what knowledge and skills they have and  treat you as brother and sister. I'm lucky to have friends like them. Our friend Hannah and Aeron organized a workshop for Arkiteks Ey to enhance our skills in using 3D Max Design, Sketch Up, Vray Rendering, Manual Rendering and Ecotect (super sweet diba?). P lead the whole activity. He taught us how to used and explored those software.

here's the teaser.hehe (credits to Hannah to this picture)

Here's the actual workshop! :))

This shows how we care and love each other. :))
Thanks P, Hannah, Aeron & the whole team
I LOVE YOU GUYS! mwah mwah mwah!

12: Vacation is O-V-E-E-R, Schooling is N-E-A-R!

Weeks to go and summer will come to its end (sigh, First day of class). Speaking of first day class, I'm pretty sure that everyone make an effort to prepare, be glamorous and perfect on their first day of class. It's because we believe in "First Impression Last", agree? The first thing we consider is our look. We make sure to look good to create a good impression. And to help you guys I made some outfit ideas. But remember, in able to achieve the look you want you must wear clothes where you feel most comfortable, consider the weather, be creative, don't be afraid to experiment and incorporate your own style or fashion statement.  :))

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11: PHOTO DIARY: Happy Fiesta Camurong!

Happy Fiesta!
This entry will share my another First time!haha,  First time to the place, first time to experience province disco, first time to watch province pageants and laugh like I'm dying, first time to eat adobong wild pig and calderateng goat and super lots of happy experience! :))

actually I want to try this cliff diving, but I don't have the guts and courage. sayang. :(

The resort of tita Belen. It is a nice resort. :))

The Ms. Camurong Pageant. Actually this is the reason why we came in Mindoro, to support Daphnie.

The winning moment. Yes she won the Pageant. :)

The Whole Clan