09: Today's Inspiration: Rajacenna

While watching Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close, this blog entry pop-up on my windows. (oh by the way try to watch  Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close by Stephen Daldry, it's extremely incredible movie) The entry was about realistic drawings entitled "its not photographs it's real drawings". So because of curiosity, I clicked the link. I was amazed when I saw those drawings and asked my self, "is this real? and said, GALING, LUPET, ASTIG!!!". I searched the entire blog to see link that will lead me to the artist and I found this http://rajacenna.com

She is Rajacenna from Netherlands, a natural born artist. According to her biography she never took any drawing lessons and yet she draws like a professional. At the age of 17 she became a professional artist.  She uses pencil in most of her art pieces. And experts says, there is nobody at such a young age with such talent like she does. 

Until now I'm still astonish, how I wish I have such talent. She's truly an inspiration. :)) For more art pieces of Rajacenna, visit her site http://rajacenna.com/

Photos Source: http://rajacenna.com/