22: First Day High

Hey there! How's your first day of class? Me, at first it was not good because of the rainy weather that welcomed me. It kinda ruin my getup but still I did managed myself. Haha. I was so excited to see and catch up with my friends and buddies. And as expected, it's a ramble. Were able to do our usual basagan ng trip and laugh till we die. Since most of our class end so early we decided to have some tripping in Intramuros.

A rainy afternoon and yet we still managed to enjoy the day. Thanks to Instagram, I was able to captured the best shots of our super model Brenalyn Navarro.

Since it is trending we also did a "call me maybe" video. So guys watch out for this. :))

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P.S. Congratulations to all Architecture board passers especially to TUPians (Manila) with 63.64% passing rate (35 out of 55). You all guys ROCK! =D

21: DIY Bow Tie Ring

Hey Gals, check this out.

ribbons, needle & thread, mighty bond, black rings or DIY rings (check out HERE, on how to do your own recycled blank rings)

 STEP 1: fold the ribbon until it reaches the length you want.
STEP 2: sew the middle part of the ribbon to connect the two ends of it, then pull the thread to tighten it.
STEP 3: to hide the thread use another ribbon, roll it in the middle of the ribbon and glue it.
STEP 4: glue the ring blank.

20: Online Shopping Benefit

My summer addiction?! Online Shopping!!! Nowadays everything became easier and faster because of internet. Click and click and click, presto you have what ever you want. You will not experience the muscle pain, over crowded place and even tiredness while walking to find the perfect outfit/s that you like or suits you. You just have to browse photos, add it to your cart, pay and wait until it deliver to your house. Easy as that. So here are my favorite summer online items.

1. detachable collar (Bubbles
2. spiked cuff (Bubbles
3. 11" two-toned satchel bag (Dazzled online shop)
4. Pocket top (Clothepedia)
5. mustard oxford shoes (Cerafin online)
6. leopard oxford shoes (Dazzled online shop)
7. Uchechi oxford shoes (feet for the queen)
8. round sunnies

19: DIY Accessories

OK, relating to my last post which was DIY Home Decors, I tried to make some DIY Accessories from old stuffs of mine and recycled it. So here's how:

1. blank rings 2. Bisazza tiles 3. old keychain
4. old keyboard parts 5. old button
6. old spray paints
7. plastic bottles or cans
8. scissor 9. mighty bond

STEP 1: Spray accessories with desired color or available spray colors.

STEP 2: Use the plastic bottle or can to cut out ring like material. Measure your finger, roll and glue it.
(Note: Since I have limited blank rings I made rings out of plastic bottle.)

Step 3: Add the desired embellishment or material.

Here's the final output! :))

And to complete this project I made a Ring Rack to organize my accessories.

Use old box or tray and old Fabrics.

STEP 1: Cut the Fabric that will fit your box and roll it. Make sure rolls are same in size to look neat when arrange in the box.

STEP 2: Stop rolling until it reaches a thickness that will fit your box, then trim the extra fabric.

STEP 3: Now choose fabric to serve as your outer cover. Wrap around the roll. Fold up the sides and secure with hot glue.

STEP 4: Arrange the rolls and make sure to keep them tight and close together to hold your accessories in between them.

Final Output! :))

P.S. You can also put your earrings in the ring rack. =D

18: DIY Home Decors

I was inspired to keep on updating this blog since I see some progress and good feedback. And as I told you before I enjoy telling stories and stuffs about something awesome and ideas that rocks me. Anyways, this entry is about DIY Home Decors. It's time to recycle our old stuff to its new look. And to give you some ideas, here are some inspiration photos. Lets help and Save our Mother Nature. :))

Recycled and Stylish Lighting
Old teapot, pans and utensils
Old washing machine, old tripod & wine bottle corks

old washing machine, old tripod & ping-pong balls

Old washing machine, old tripod & measuring tape
Pull tab pendant

Empty wine bottle
Old bicycle chains chandeliers
Recycled Tiers

Other Recycled Items

Photos Source: Google.com

17: Back to School Nail Art

Ohh Lala! Back to School na. And because of that I have some nail art ideas for school. Enjoy, have fun and be glamorous all year round.

It's cool right? Pencil inspired nail art

Notebook inspired nail art

And of course Mario!

Rainbow nail art

Rocker nail art

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Photo Source: Google.com