45: Failure makes Sense

Man is destined to face challenges in life and life is not a bed of roses. No one is perfect. He cannot ensure success in everything that he undertakes. Difficulties and obstacles are bound to come in the journey of success.

Success naturally gives us joy and pride while failures generally disappoint and discourage us. But failure is a natural phenomenon. Through failures we learned our mistakes, we try a better method and push ourselves to work hard to savor the sweetness of success in the end. Failures should not be seen as hindrance but instead a stepping stone to achieve the ultimate success. We should learn some lesson out of them. Each time we fail, we come to know the reasons of our failure. We become aware of our weaknesses and limitations that must be overcome. And we gained invaluable experience.

I am convinced that failure is a blessing in disguise. We are always getting it right even when it appears we have made a mistakes or we failed. It leads me to a greater understanding of overcoming the undefeatable difficulties makes you a better version of you. It tells me my limitations that I need to fill. I guess failures are our best teacher. It prepares us to go to our next endeavor with better chances to succeed. Failure shouldn't stop us living life well. We should not be overpowered by it, its not the end of everything. Maybe its not meant for you or it's not yet your time to shine. There still other opportunity waiting for you. God has made everything beautiful for its own perfect time. So by all means live the best life you can despite all the odds and hardships along your journey coz I think it is the best revenge to your failure.

I remember  my professor said, "All of you have the same fate. Everyone will be an architect for sure BUT when". The moment we didn't arrived on the assigned time and aren't able to defend our thesis proposal, this phrases was on my mind, especially the words BUT WHEN? I don't know how to react, I'm so depressed but I rather keep it to myself than seeing those people around me feeling pitiful about what happened. But my biggest agony was how will I tell my parents about our situation. I don't want to see them upset of my misfortune. I felt I messed up everything and disappointed everyone who believes in me. I even came to the point telling myself to quit, but thank God I'm blessed to have such good friends and supportive parents who saved me from this doom. I'm sure God prepares something better for me. And I know there will come a time, that I can show to my parents my deepest gratitude to all the hardships and sacrifices they've done to help me make my dreams into reality.

To all people out there who are facing failure right now, do not be depressed and do not be afraid of criticism. Remember fortune favors the Brave. And the brave is one who gets ahead, overcomes his failures and achieves his goal. The brave have the confidence to welcome challenges in life and sees opportunities in every difficulty. Failures should not result to pessimism. Negativity acts as a stumbling block in one's way to success. You can't appreciate and enjoy success to the extreme level unless you had tasted failure. Failure prepares the foundation for bigger and better things in life. :))