02: Mt. Tarak Ridge, Mariveles Bataan

Yes Praise God, I'm home, safe and sound. It was a very tiring but the most memorable adventure I ever had. We thought that it would be like an ordinary vacation but it wasn't, it's super Extra ordinary. Mt. Tarak is famous to most local mountaineers in the Philippines. And for a first time mountaineer it's a very challenging experience.
My first Climb starts here!

We called our team as "The Bad-trip Mountaineers" (haha)

mountaineers put there banners here.

Imagine we were able to climbed this mountain even we don't have proper hiking gears.

after a 2 hours walk we're halfway to the top of the mountain. (view looking Corregidor Island)

me having a hard time passing this big trunk

Everyone were a bit tired and hungry so we decided to took our lunch in Papaya River and enjoy the water.

Finally after almost (4) four hours of walk we reached the top of Mt. Tarak!

my hair! haha

It feels good if you accomplished something you didn't expect you can. And of course it won't be the same without this people, whom I called Friends.
We Conquered Mt. Tarak! We're a Certified Mountaineers!