07: Journey of Wonder

Hi everyone! Yesterday my friends, Aeron, Roan, Mike and I went to The Mind Museum located at The Fort, Taguig and Earth Day Jam 2012. Our first stop, The Mind Museum. It is a newly build museum with noticeable structure designed by a team of architects from Lor Calma & Partners, led by renowned architect Ed Calma. According to the The Mind Museum, the architectural design was inspired on futuristic, yet with organic approach based off of cell growth and molecular structures.

Mirroring the functionality of nature, come features of the building's innovative and sustainable design include: slanted exterior walls to minimize the entry of sunlight, a specially curved roof for more efficient rain collection and strategic orientation to utilize the shadows of adjacent buildings, all of which contribute to more energy efficiency. Ed counts the form and location of The Mind Museum as his favorite things about the museum; he believes that it has a interesting place in "a sea of box buildings and it celebrates the terminus of the [Bonifacio] High Street axis" - a combination that is sure to awe visitors.
Ed was drawn to The Mind Museum by the idea that it would influence a generation of Filipinos to see science and art in a different light. In particular, he hopes that the museum will help people to see the connection between the two fields, as well as remove the intimidating edge from science.
- The Mind Museum
Aedi the robot. :)

The Mind Museum presents 250 interactive exhibits that should keep you entertained for 3 hours and will change the notion that science is boring. The museum have five main galleries: the story of the Universe, the story of the Earth, the story of Life, the story of the Atom and the story of Technology.

The Story of the Earth

Look at the Moon
Solar System
Life in Mars?
The Sound of Space
Universe to Earth Corridor (Rotating Corridor)
Dressed for Space

The Story of the Earth

T.Rex foot
Fossil stages

The Story of Life
Human Story

Whale shark (Butanding)
The Human Brain
Heart beat

 The Story of the Atom
Big Periodic table
Van de graaff static ball

Everything is made up of Atom
Shadow Box

 The Story of Technology

Old Sewing Machine

Mimo Robot by Joe D' Mango
X-ray scanner
Laser Harp
Gutenberg Press

Our journey in The Mind Museum was very enjoyable and educational. It was worth visiting! So I definitely recommend it. You should visit The Mind Museum and experience the fun! And for our next stop, Earth Day Jam 2012. We went in the said event to chill, celebrate the earth day and of course to support our friend Danilo Abordo, the mastermind of Puzzle Skratch who showcased his passion and talent in art. :))

our friend Danilo
Noel Cabangon