55: Filipino Building Beliefs

Weeks ago I had a meeting with a client talking about the project I'll be working on. First and foremost I asked them what they want their house look likes, their requirements and all. They start telling me , we like that, we like this and they showed me some photos. And I said to myself oops wait, I'm not just here to layout plans and put all the elements that the think is good but unneccessary. But don't misinterpret me, as a designer our role is to make them understand the elements that are comfortable and functional yet aesthetically pleasing. Not just aesthetic, nor comfortability or functionality. It should be all of them to have the best result but still making their dream house into reality. Luckily most of the ideas were liked. But the major boo here is why the heck they're not fan of flat roof and large windows!!! (LOL). Anyways, after all the discussions and everything, I started the layout of the plans and showed it to them. Everything seems so fine until the wife asked me about the number of steps the stairs have, the oro, plata, mata, if the doors and windows facing each other and all that stuff (oh men, Filipino beliefs). It's a bit challenging considering and following all the building beliefs because I have to maximize the space since the lot area is small and they demand spacious areas. But after all the sleepless nights, I think I pulled it off. (YEAH!)

So here what i found about Filipino building beliefs that hopefully will help you! :))

Source: http://www.ncca.gov.ph/about-culture-and-arts/articles-on-c-n-a/article.php?igm=1&i=106