41: Thank you for an amazing 2012!

Today is the last day of 2012. It's amazing how time flies. Another year has passed and 2012 left me with memories that I will surely never forget. Its been the year of fun, excitement, hurt :(, surprise and happiness. This is the year that I learned to appreciate everything even the simple things that life brought to me. 2012 changed my perception on how the way I see people and especially how I value myself. 

THANK YOU and GOODBYE 2012 for the good times and the bad times. HELLO 2013, hope you'll be good to me please...hehe...and in 2013 I want to go as many places as possible, discover new things, go back to dancing, be more adventurous, creative, jolly, happy, patient and of course contented. THANK YOU LORD FOR EVERYTHING!


(Fashion Galore: Forever 21 denim vest)