34: Christmas is NEAR!

Oh Christmas is so Near! And I'm so excited.

One of the highlights of our family is decorating the house for Christmas. From putting up Christmas lights, to putting up the tree and decorating our home indoors just seems to put a big smile on everybody's face!

Every year we try to incorporate something new into our decorating scheme and this is why I decided to share some of our favorite new ideas so maybe you can find some useful ideas for your own home.

Focus on decorating with one theme and style for your holiday decoration. Make it easier and make your space feel professionally finished. For a good smell place scented candles near your entry and in every room all over your house. Add decorations throughout the house that have special meanings or happy memories. Stick to the colors this year for your holiday palette and keep it consistent so that it helps you to focus on the main idea. Rearrange your furniture to give a different look and feel for this special time of the year.

Photos Source: Google.com